About Dr. MK Jain

Success is when you have more of the good things that life has to offer and significance is when you equip others to help others be, do, and have more than they thought possible. As a premier Keynote Speaker and leading authority on achievement for audiences —Dr. M K Jain energizes people to meet the challenges of the world around them. He skillfully weaves his compelling life story into the fabric of our daily lives. The thread is forever strengthened, touting why you can’t afford to be complacent and to aim high, achieve and actively make an impact on the world.

  • Dr. M.K. JAIN is a dynamic, Energetic motivational speaker.
  • Dr. M.K. Jain founder “MKJ SUCCESS CLINIC” with a vision to spread success around the globe.
  • He is focused to share his knowledge to everyone by training them.
  • Dr. M.K. Jain inspires audience around the country. He delivered more than 550 MKJ success seminars in different cities of India.
  • With his public seminars he has also conducted seminars in different schools, colleges, Educational Institutions, Social Communities. Till date he has shared this secret with more than 3, 00,000 people in India.

My Approach

When deciding on a mentor, it is especially important to feel a connection with the one you choose. My approach is caring, warm, and collaborative.

As parents we pay special attention to our children’s academic and extra-curricula activities throughout their school years. Then we help them with their college selection process by encouraging them and taking them on college search trips. We expect that they will discover what they want to be when they grow up either through their high school or college experiences. Sadly, this doesn’t happen for everyone.

Dare I say that this doesn’t happen for many. How did each of us come to be doing what we are currently doing? What helped you most in choosing your profession? Was it hit or miss? Was it a family connection? Was it a field trip? Was it a special teacher? Was it simply being in the right place at the right time? Did you know what you wanted when you started college? Did you change majors? Did you have enough information to make an informed career decision before choosing a college? So many questions!

My Seminars

School Seminars

Learn what is right for you and what is best for you. Help yourself in improving your decision taking skills.

College Seminars

"College", the biggest turning point in any students' life. Improve your self-confidence in the best possible way with me.

Career Seminars

"Career Councelling" and "Career Coaching" two words with almost same feel but different approach. Get guided in most efficient way.

Parenting Seminars

Tired of the phrase generation gap. In my parenting seminar learn to become a friend more than a parent.

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